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Free a Dalit Child - Education Sponsorship

The Dalits are the 'outcastes' of Hindu society often called the "untouchables".

They are deemed to be worth less than animals, making them the object of abuse, exploitation and oppression. For millennia the untouchables have accepted their fate, believing that they were born to serve the upper castes and that they had no rights.

Today, with your help, this is changing.

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There are now over 100 Good Shepherd schools - also known as Dalit Education centres (DEC ) - in operation throughout India with around 26,000 students who are receiving a high quality English-medium education. The children are supplied with uniforms, shoes and books. These centres are located in consultation with the Dalit-Buhujan communities and are only established at their invitation and support.
Each centre caters for the education needs of up to 300 children, from LKG (age 3-4) eventually up to 10th Standard (age 15 -16). The pupils study a wide range of subjects from science to languages.  They also learn from social experiences from competitions to taking part in health campaign in the communities.  The pupils are supported and encouraged to continue their education beyond their graduation at 10th standard.


Free a Dalit Child