India's Forgotten Children

This film by Michael Lawson is an expose of possibly the most sustained, widespread abuse of human rights in the world today. India's Forgotten Children portrays widespread trafficking, persecution and oppression among the children and young people of India's 250 million strong Dalit community.

There is however a growing sense of hope. Though the Dalits have not been educated for centuries, a small but significant new beginning has been made. Could it be that English medium education is a key to the liberation and transformation of these forgotten children of India?

Meticulously researched and filmed entirely on location across India, this disturbing, yet hopeful film portrays the everyday lives of children for whom trafficking is a threefold burden. Sold into bonded labour; victims of the organ trade; and sexually exploited, we meet the children themselves, and in their own words, hear their painful stories, and their aspirations of hope.

India's Forgotten Children

The Pipe Village Trust Film Collection

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