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**Newest Film** India's Forgotten Children DVD £10.00
**Newest Film** India's Forgotten Children DVD

This film by Michael Lawson is an expose of possibly the most sustained, widespread abuse of human rights in the world today. India's Forgotten Children portrays widespread trafficking, persecution and oppression among the children and young people of India's 250 million strong Dalit community.

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India's Forgotten Women DVD £10.00
India's Forgotten Women DVD

The fourth in a series of documentaries, director Michael Lawson explores the outrageous plight of millions of women oppressed in India today because of their caste identity.

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India's Broken People DVD £10.00
India's Broken People DVD

Three short documentary films by Michael Lawson focusing on the plight of the Dalit (or 'untouchable') people of India.

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India's Hidden Slavery DVD £10.00
India's Hidden Slavery DVD

Documentary film by Michael Lawson focusing on the plight of the Dalit (or 'untouchable') people of India. 250 million Dalit people in India are caught in a trap of poverty, oppression and slavery.
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India's New Beginnings DVD £10.00
India's New Beginnings DVD

The Dalit population of India have been persecuted and deprived of their rights for centuries. The problem persists to this very day, yet there are changes.
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